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This night cream is formulated to help target aged spots, melasma and discolorations.

Use at night time only (use sunscreen in the morning)

•when using this face cream you are meant to apply only an antioxidant serum and a sunscreen during the day,don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen during the day every two hours.

•Keep away from sunlight and store in a cool place/skincare fridge.

Best before: 9 months
Size :50ml

Key ingredients
Kojic acid 3.5%
Lightens post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation & dark spots.

Glabridin 5%
(Licorice extract derivative)
Brightens the skin and improve skin tone.

Calendula macerate 5%
Hydrates the skin and boost glowing skin.

Aqua(water),glycerin,Emulsifying wax,Xanthan gum,Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea)butter,Kojic acid,GLABRIDIN,Calendula macerate,LEUCONOSTOC (radish root),vitamin E.

Why do you need this product?
✔️Targets hyperpigmentation.

✔️Evens out the skin tone and fade dark spots .

Do’s and Dont’s
1)when starting a new skincare product always carry out a skin patch test .

2)Get a sunscreen this is the most important product in your skincare routine mostly when dealing with hyperpigmentation and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

3)Do not use if you have a sensitive skin.

4)Don’t expose product to heat / sunlight.

5)Do not use during DAY TIME.

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